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(619) 292-2830

Auto Transportation

Extreme Auto Transport is COMMITTED to the business of Vehicle Transport Services. We are Committed to serving our Customers. We do what we promise in support of our core values: Quality, Loyalty, Integrity, Honor and Service.

Our Promise

Superior Service

Extreme Auto Transport is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Always On Time

On-time deliveries coupled with superior service are our mission at Extreme.

Damage Free

On-time deliveries, exceptional service, and vehicles transported Damage Free is our commitment to our customers.


Experience Matters

Over 25 Years of Service

Extreme Auto Transport is a California based, vehicle transportation company. Serving the South, West and Eastern states since 1996. Our professional staff and management works diligently to ensure our customers have the best experience, while we deliver great quality service.


We strive to deliver vehicles safely and flawlessly with the best people, technology, and equipment in the world.


To become the most sought-after transportation business in the world. Providing impeccable customer service and assuring our customers vehicles are delivered damage free and in a timely manner.

Delivering happiness

Years Established

About Extreme Auto Transport

  • Extreme was started in 1996 by James and Nikki Perham.
  • Extreme was purchased by Glovis in December of 2020.
  • Auto transport specialists are trained to the highest quality standards in every aspect of auto transport.
  • Extreme has a great team of people eager to go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.

Our Services

Extreme is proud to offer superior transportation services with quality people.

  • Extreme provides auto transport services for new and used vehicles.
  • Extreme supports several customers outside of Glovis to be well diversified in our customer base.
  • Extreme services most of the southern region of the United States from California to Florida and back.
  • Extreme uses state of the art equipment to transport vehicles damage free.
  • Extreme uses an advanced Transportation Management system to provide real time tracking to our customers.

Our Valued Clients

Our Trusted Technology

Magnus Technologies

Industry leading Transportation Management System (TMS) that allows seamless integration.


Electronic Driver Logging device (ELD) and dual facing camera system.


Scale bypass application integrated with Samsara.


Driver application and driver qualification file system.

Service Locations

Brunswick, GA and Port Hueneme, CA are Extremes major distribution hubs.


The reason why I like working at Extreme is because of the day-to-day challenges and hard work that doesn’t go unnoticed. Being a part of a company that is ‘new’ and improving in all aspects is a challenge that I don’t mind taking.

Vincent Martinez

Driver Trainer

I have been with Extreme Transportation for 2 years, I enjoy being part of Extreme and the opportunity to grow with the company.  We have a group of outstanding drivers here that help me ensure seamless deliveries! 

Melissa Cabral

Driver Supervisor

The reason I enjoy working at Extreme is because of the progression and growth within the company. It’s exciting to see all the changes that have happened thus far within the last year of me working here.

Mitzi Ramos

AR Analyst

My car delivery job is a perfect blend of excitement and fulfillment. Each day, I have the opportunity to transport vehicles to their eager owners, witnessing the joy and anticipation on their faces. The sense of accomplishment that comes with ensuring the safe and timely delivery of these prized possessions is unparalleled. Additionally, the constant change of scenery and the chance to explore new destinations make my job an adventure I look forward to every day. Thank you to the extreme team I have a job I enjoy.

Miguel Arciga

Auto Transport Specialist

I love my job as an Auto Transportation Specialist at Extreme because driving an 80-foot-long nose sleeper Peterbilt is thrilling. I enjoy the independence of being on the road and take pride in contributing to the community through my work. I believe that having supportive team members like my dispatchers Melissa Cabral and Vince Ichihara who acknowledge my skills and provide assistance when I am out on the road, is what makes my job go smoothly. Every day, I strive to be one of the top Transportation Specialists because it brings me great joy to know that I can financially provide for my family while pursuing a career that fulfills me professionally.

Jonathan Serrato

Auto Transport Specialist